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18 12, 2019

How to Change Your Membership Level

By |2019-12-18T08:11:18-04:00December 18th, 2019|Categories: Influencers|0 Comments

If you’re currently a free member, you will have access to your dashboard, guides, resources, and a demo version of the brand database.The free version will have limited functionality, and you won’t be able to filter by username, keyword, access contact details, and view brand’s websites. You can upgrade your account instantly to get access to [...]

18 12, 2019

[FAQ] How many followers do I need for brands to partner with me?

By |2019-12-18T08:10:39-04:00December 18th, 2019|Categories: Influencers|0 Comments

We often receive this question from users who just aren’t sure of their influence. Even influencers with 10,000 or more followers aren’t sure if brands would really be interested in paying them for sponsored shoutouts. If you’re a micro-influencer, there are still sponsorship opportunities available for you. Our brand database offers thousands of brands that you [...]

18 12, 2019

[Email Templates] How to reach out to brands so they can’t say no

By |2019-12-18T08:10:31-04:00December 18th, 2019|Categories: Influencers|0 Comments

The key to winning brands over and getting paid sponsorships is getting their attention.We covered this briefly in our previous guide to getting in touch & partnering with brands, but here are some more in-depth examples of great brand outreach emails that work, as well as some do’s and don’ts. The strategy to getting a higher [...]

18 12, 2019

[Guide] Getting in touch & partnering with brands

By |2019-12-18T08:10:22-04:00December 18th, 2019|Categories: Influencers|0 Comments

Now that you have a list of the brands you want to work with, you can find their contact details right on the dashboard. We highly recommend using excel, a paper and pen, or your favorite way to organize your list. This will allow you to keep track of brands you already researched, who you contacted, [...]

17 12, 2019

[Tutorial] How to use filters to find best sponsorship opportunities

By |2019-12-18T08:10:13-04:00December 17th, 2019|Categories: Influencers|0 Comments

At Social Media Famous we have a large amount of brands in our database. More than enough for you to find brands in nearly any industry. Our filters allow you to narrow down on results and find brands that match your audience. Since we have hundreds of specific and unique categories, we highly recommend starting with [...]

16 12, 2019

[Guide] How to Search & Find Sponsorship Opportunities

By |2019-12-18T08:09:48-04:00December 16th, 2019|Categories: Influencers|0 Comments

Influencers who consistently work with brands for paid sponsorships all have one thing in common. They’re consistently reaching out to brands for opportunities. This approach works because brands who actively market on Instagram already know they power of influencer marketing, and are always open to working with influencers. However, this approach can be time consuming - [...]

18 10, 2019

Getting Started on Social Media Famous

By |2019-10-18T22:09:12-04:00October 18th, 2019|Categories: Guides|0 Comments

With Social Media Famous, you can find and analyze thousands of influencers worldwide in our database. Find influencers by category, keyword, number of followers, estimated costs, and much more. Here’s a quick overview of our platform to get you started. For more advanced guides, on search filters, accessing audit reports, and more, visit our *help center*. [...]

18 10, 2019

How to Unlock & Analyze Influencer Audit Reports

By |2019-10-18T22:08:49-04:00October 18th, 2019|Categories: Guides|0 Comments

Social Media Famous gives you the power to analyze influencer’s content and metrics inside the report (like follower growth, engagement and authenticity) to ensure they’re the right fit for your marketing campaign. *Once you’ve searched and found* potential influencers, the next step is to analyze their metrics. Visit any influencer of your choice, and you’ll see [...]

18 10, 2019

What Does Post Cost Estimate Mean?

By |2019-10-18T22:08:43-04:00October 18th, 2019|Categories: Guides|0 Comments

 To help you get a better idea how much each influencer will charge per collaboration, we added Post Cost Estimates to all reports. Please note these are estimates, which are determined by follower count, average likes/comments, engagement rate, and other factors that can determine actual influence on followers. Generally, influencers with higher follower count tend to [...]

18 10, 2019

How to Organize & Save Influencers in Lists

By |2019-10-18T22:08:31-04:00October 18th, 2019|Categories: Guides|0 Comments

Whether you’re searching for one or multiple influencers, you’ll start with a large list of prospects you may be interested in. In order to make this easier for you, saving them to your favorites allows you to build a list to access on your dashboard to view later. To favorite an influencer, simply click the heart [...]