10 06, 2020

Why Brands Continue To Gravitate To Influencer Marketing

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Influencer marketing has taken hold and it doesn’t look like it’s letting go any time soon. Studies show 75% of marketers are using influencer marketing with 43% of them planning to increase spending in the next 12 months. Just what is it about influencer marketing that’s made it so successful? After all, aren’t most influencers just [...]

18 05, 2020

Here’s How Influencer Marketing Turns Your Audience Into Sales

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Influencer marketing has been around forever. Before the internet exploded, we saw it in the form of celebrities endorsing products on TV, like Jessica Simpson doing a TV ad with Jenny Craig. Now, anybody can build a following on social media and leverage that clout to sell products. And this isn’t just a niche marketing strategy [...]

11 04, 2020

Influencer Marketing: Why Is It So Effective?

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Influencer marketing works—just ask Emily Weiss, the founder and CEO of makeup brand Glossier. “At Glossier, something we’ve always stayed very true to, since pre-launch, day one, is that every single person is an influencer.”—Emily Weiss, Glossier CEO And this strategy has paid off in droves. Since its launch in 2015, Glossier has amassed a total [...]

21 03, 2020

Don’t Let These 3 Common Mistakes Ruin Your Influencer Campaign

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Movie star scandals used to be the big thing. Now, it’s influencer scandals. We’ve all heard of them. The Fyre Festival bust, which was both an impressive marketing feat and one of the worst music festivals of all time. Kim Kardashian’s failure to warn her fans about the side effects of a morning sickness pill. Kylie [...]

7 02, 2020

Influencer ROI: How Much of It Should You Expect?

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Influencer marketing is the new marketing channel that everybody loves. It’s cool. It’s sexy. Occasionally you get to work with hot models. But at the end of the day, you’re doing it because you want a marketing campaign that’s profitable. And well, it’s that too. In fact, 89% of marketers say that ROI from influencer marketing [...]

22 01, 2020

8 Steps to Nailing Your Next Influencer Campaign

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You’ve been planning for weeks. You’ve done the research, you’ve found the perfect influencer, and it’s been three days since your campaign went live. But instead of fanfare and trumpets, all you hear is… crickets. This is what an unplanned influencer campaign looks like. Why is an influencer campaign strategy important? A successful influencer campaign is [...]

18 12, 2019

Micro vs Macro Influencers: Which is Right for You?

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Frodo Baggins vs Sauron. Rudy vs Coach Dan Devine. Kraft Mac n Cheese vs Velveeta. It’s the classic tale of the underdog vs the top dog and it’s happening in your influencer campaign right now. One of the most often asked questions in influencer marketing is whether you should go with a micro or a macro [...]

7 11, 2019

4 Warning Signs an Influencer Has Fake Followers

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We’re all used to telemarketer scams and identity fraud, but did you know that influencer fraud is becoming a huge problem in the industry? In fact, it’s become so big that businesses are expected to lose $1.3 billion in fake influencer fraud in 2019. Luckily, this doesn’t mean you’re doomed to lose your mortgage to shady [...]

17 10, 2019

Influencer Rates: How Much You Should Really Be Paying

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It’s a buyer’s world. Your customers have access to thousands of competitors at the click of a button, making it that much more important to capture their interest. The question is—how? The average person sees roughly 5,000 ads per day Businesses can’t just put up an ad and expect customers to come knocking anymore. Instead, they [...]

15 09, 2019

Influencer Marketing: 10 Brands Who Are Doing It Right

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Originally a niche tactic used in grassroots campaigns, influencer marketing has exploded within recent years. By 2020, influencer marketing global spend is estimated to grow as high as a whopping $10 billion per year.  In fact, it’s estimated that influencer marketing yields 11x as much ROI compared to that of online display ads. Not bad for [...]

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