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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an engagement rate?2019-07-19T00:28:26-04:00

Engagement rate is a formula used to determine the “influence” of any Instagram user. Engagement tends to drop as followers grow, but overall, you should be looking for an engagement rate of 3% or higher.

How can I tell if someone has fake followers?2019-07-22T23:07:07-04:00

There are many factors to determine legitamacy of followers. The first steps is to look at the engagement rate. Ther average Instagram user has an engagement rate of 3%, although this number can go down as followers increase. By looking at your reports, you can find average engagement rates based on follower count.

Second, you should look at the account history. Usually accounts with fake followers will purchase one-time and their followers will rarely increase. In fact, in many cases they will decrease. Take a look at the account history report to view how many followers any account is receiving (or losing) on a daily basis.

Third, check the comments. Although the numbers can look good on the surface, you want to check this manually to be 100% sure. Are the comments related to the picture? Are other users tagging their friends? If you’re seeing a large number of “cool pic” type of comments, most likely these are fabricated, or their following is largely from bots.

Why do influencers have fake followers?2019-07-19T00:29:10-04:00

It’s no secret there’s a lot to be made being an influencer. Brands are increasingly shifting their marketing budgets and paying influencers to sponsor their products. Some want-to-be influencers take the shortcut and pay for fake followers to fabricate their “social proof”. With our tools, you will be able to detect these fake influencers before it’s too late.

Where does the data come from?2019-07-19T00:29:28-04:00

We check influencer accounts every hour and collect data from their page’s activity. Once we process the data, we transform simple numbers into easy-to-read graphs, projections, and calculations.

How long does it take to generate a report?2019-07-19T00:30:45-04:00

It can take up to an hour for a new Instagram account to be added to our database, but in most cases, 30 minutes or less.

Can I download a report?2019-07-22T23:05:12-04:00

Once you unlock a report, you’ll have access to online reporting and a PDF report you can download and share with your team.

Can you track private accounts?2019-07-19T00:31:18-04:00

Since we can only access publicly available data, we are not able to track private accounts.