Brands typically offer affiliate and ambassador programs to influencers to apply and promote their product/services. While these may be very similar (if not that same thing), it boils down to how brands name their programs.

Affiliate programs typically offer commission based on sales generated by ambassadors. Once you’ve been accepted to an affiliate program, you’ll have access to a custom coupon or link to promote. When someone from your audience purchases via your coupon or link, the sale will be credited to your account. Affiliate programs are great for ambassadors with smaller amounts of followers (less than 10,000), and great for ambassadors of all sizes to diversify brand sponsors and offer more products to their audience may be interested in.

Ambassador programs may sometimes be affiliate programs in a nutshell, but in other cases, they’re a specific program setup by a brand. They may include compensation in the form of paid sponsorships and/or free products. Usually these programs are more strict and have requirements to post a brand a specific number of times every month to stay active. Ambassador programs are great for consistent revenue, and brands tend to promote their ambassadors on their social media pages, resulting in more exposure for you.

You may want to limit how many brands you work with as an ambassador in order to maintain a good relationship. In order to find which option is best for you, read through the brand listing thoroughly and see what they’re offering and what their minimum requirements are.