Now that you have a list of the brands you want to work with, you can find their contact details right on the dashboard. We highly recommend using excel, a paper and pen, or your favorite way to organize your list. This will allow you to keep track of brands you already researched, who you contacted, worked with, etc.

Find the email address of each brand you would like to work with and save their details. You can message as many as you like, but we recommend limiting the amount to about 10/day so you don’t get overwhelmed with responses and cause conflicts with brands that would like to schedule a sponsored post on a specific time or day.

Tip: Do not load a large list of emails blast the same message to brands! You’ll greatly reduce your chances at getting responses and ultimately sponsorships. Use the steps below to write personalized and professional emails that will catch their attention and greatly improve your success rate.

Step 1: Initial contact

We recommend using 3 points of contact to get the best results. Emails are more professional, and are more often read by the team that manages the brands social media. This should be your first point of contact. They’re easier for the recipient to forward, your email, save for a later date, and don’t get lost in the sea of DM’s brands constantly get every day.

Your email should be short with a message that their product would be a great fit for your audience who may be interested in what they have to offer. Link to your Instagram, add metrics such as followers and reach, and additional social media platforms you have an audience on. Your message should emphasize you are looking to partner with them, but don’t negotiate rates just yet. Wait until they get back and confirm their interest, and from there you can discuss what you’re looking for in exchange for your influence.

For tips on getting attention on your initial message for higher response rates, take a look at our proven email templates that work and examples of some that don’t.

Step 2: Become a fan

This step is about being persistent and genuine so brands to take a serious look at you. Follow them and like a few of their posts (5 should be fine, don’t overdo it). Next you’ll want to send a DM and mention that you sent them an email and ask if they can get back to you. Because your DM may get lost, or they might not see it for days, also leave a genuine comment under a picture or two (nothing generic just as a thumbs up emoji). This is a great way to get attention from brands who will notice you, may have checked your profile, and will be more willing to get back to you.

Step 3: Follow up

If you don’t hear back from one brand, wait 24 – 48 hours and write a simple follow up email. This can speed up responses, as well as get a response from someone who may have missed your email, forwarded your email to someone else on their team, etc.

After the last follow up, you don’t need to keep reaching out. Usually brands will check you out and give their response right away, or might save your email for a late. It’s not uncommon to get a response weeks later with someone ready to work with you. Increase your chances by being consistent, persistent and messaging brands every day so responses start to add up slowly over time.

To get the highest changes of working with brands, we highly suggest you take a look at these 5 proven email & contact templates to boost brand response rates as well as some do’s and don’ts.

Ready to get started? Access your dashboard and search our brand database to find sponsorship opportunities available for you.