Brand ambassadors who consistently work with brands for paid sponsorships all have one thing in common. They’re consistently reaching out to brands for opportunities. This approach works because brands who actively market on Instagram already know the power of influencer marketing, and are always open to working with influencers.

However, this approach can be time consuming – manually doing research, finding contact details, and hoping they have a marketing budget for influencers…

With Social Media Famous, you have access to countless brands who are actively looking to work with ambassadors of all sizes – allowing you to cut time on finding brands, their contact details, and seeing if they’re willing to partner with you. All the information you need is in one simple, easy-to-use database. Using our powerful filters, you can narrow down on brands that match your audience on Instagram, giving you more opportunities for sponsorships.

How do we get this information? We scour the web to find brands that have a brand ambassador or affiliate page, offering partnership and sponsorship opportunities. At any given time, we have thousands of sponsorship opportunities we sort through and list for our members.

Take a look at some of our tutorials and mini-guides below to learn how to use our database to get the most of Social Media Famous and start getting brand sponsorships.

  1. [Tutorial] How to use filters to find best sponsorship opportunities
  2. [FAQ] How many followers do I need for brands to partner with me?
  3. [Guide] What is the brand database, and how do I use it?
  4. [FAQ] What is the difference between an affiliate and ambassador program?

Ready to get started? Access your dashboard and search our brand database to find sponsorship opportunities available for you.