If you’ve ever worked on an influencer marketing campaign in the past, you know it can take hours (sometimes days) just to find that right influencer. We help cut that time down to minutes with our advanced search filters.

To start *visit the browse page* and search by keyword. A simple keyword search will filter influencers who have your desired keyword in their bio description.

To narrow down your search, we added additional filters. Select any influencer category, minimum and maximum follower count, engagement rate, and/or post cost estimate. Each filter is not required, and we recommend selecting one filter at a time so you don’t miss out on potential influencers for your campaign.

Alternatively, you can search without a keyword, and filter all influencers by category, or any other criteria.

To remove any chosen filter from your search, just click “X” next to any tag (highlighted in green).

That’s it! Now that you know how to find influencers for your next campaign, get started here.

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