At Social Media Famous we have a large amount of brands in our database. More than enough for you to find brands in nearly any industry. Our filters allow you to narrow down on results and find brands that match your audience. To get started, we recommend using filters to sort by category to find the right brand for you and your audience.

Keyword filter

Using the keyword filter can help narrow brands that offer products/services that suit your interest. For example, If your page is dedicated to health and fitness, you may want to search “health”, “fitness”, “diet”, etc. to get results from brands that include these words in their brand listing – resulting in a better match for you.


The simplest way to sort through brands that match your interests is through the category search. This will give you broader results compared to a keyword search, however this filter will also include brands in the same niche of your choice that may not have appeared with a keyword search.

Affiliate/Ambassador Filter

Brands listed on our database will either have an affiliate or ambassador program (sometimes both). If you prefer to see results from only one, feel free to uncheck one option. Results matching your criteria will automatically appear in the search results below.

If you’re looking for something very specific, use all the filters together to narrow your results, but we recommend broader filters to access as many brands and manually narrowing your selection for the right fit.